Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Roundtables Cost and Services
Roundtables are a process, not a program, which provides the participants with numerous services beyond that of our regular scheduled meetings.
The services provided, in addition to preparation for and moderation of our regular meetings, are as follows:
   1. Meeting preparation packets including member planned agendas.
   2. Meeting preparation reminders.
   3. 50% Discount for additional business locations if financial data for each business is reported separately rather than consolidated.
   4. Expanded member analysis in our spring financial meeting.
   5 Accumulation of a minimum three years of financial history for member trend analysis.
   6. Annual revision of financial ratio norms and target performance levels.
   7. Active solicitation of new members for those groups that would benefit from additional members.
   8. Additional research of meeting topics to ensure that our meetings are the most interesting and informative possible.
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