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Jim Enter

Carlton Smith

Jim Enter, AART Founder, has twenty plus years experience in management and fifteen years experience as a management consultant. in the building material industry. Working for a multi-location company gave him the opportunity to work in sales, operations, and corporate management. As a consultant he has had the opportunity to work with businesses from 2 million to 90 million in sales.

If you would like to contact Jim ... click HERE.

Carlton Smith brings 28 years of business experience working for both public and private companies and has extensive sales, marketing and management experience, servicing businesses of all sizes including several Fortune 500 companies. Positions held have included Warehousing, Converting, Inventory Management, Customer Service, Purchasing, Vendor Relations, Vendor Negotiations, Sales (salaried and commissioned), Sales Management, National Accounts Sales, Director Sales & Mktg, VP/GM and VP Sales. He now owns a business to consumer consulting firm based in Atlanta.

"Having been a previous round tables participant and seeing firsthand the positive results achieved by a round table of peers, the opportunity to be associated with AART is not only an honor, but provides us with a mission critical component of our consulting business. Helping businesses survive the current economic times by focusing on fundamentals as well as sharing, creating, reshaping and exploiting new best business practices is what we’re all about. Adding the tremendous benefit of peer to peer workshops through AART will help our clients thrive!

As an AART facilitator, we can now offer clients well balanced, cost effective (peer proven) solutions that will help them increase profitability, capture new customers and enhance their image in the community. All of which are a necessity in today’s competitive environment."

--Carlton Smith - Facilitator, AART                                 If you would like to contact Carlton ... click HERE.

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