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Jim Enter

Sandy Sawyer

Jim Enter, AART Founder, has twenty plus years experience in management and fifteen years experience as a management consultant. in the building material industry. Working for a multi-location company gave him the opportunity to work in sales, operations, and corporate management. As a consultant he has had the opportunity to work with businesses from 2 million to 90 million in sales.

If you would like to contact Jim ... click HERE.

Sandy Sawyer has been a roundtable facilitator and industry consultant for over nine years. Prior to that, he was involved in the sales and marketing of turnkey computer systems. He presently works with over 80 business owners as they continue to create value for their company.

He has seen how roundtables improve the performance of both the financial statements and of the management team. Getting tangible ideas from one's peers is an on going education that pays off in profits.

Setting company goals at each meeting keeps a focus on the bigger, strategic issues that create better business practices and above average financial results.

If you would like to contact Sandy ... click HERE.

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