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Jim Enter

Mike Poteat

Jim Enter, AART Founder, has twenty plus years experience in management and fifteen years experience as a management consultant. in the building material industry. Working for a multi-location company gave him the opportunity to work in sales, operations, and corporate management. As a consultant he has had the opportunity to work with businesses from 2 million to 90 million in sales.

If you would like to contact Jim ... click HERE.

Mike Poteat has over 28 years of professional experience. That experience includes over 10 years in sales, a stockbroker for 5 years and 10 years in executive management positions.

He now owns his own business consulting firm where he has had the opportunity to work with clients whose revenues range from a few million to over 40 million dollars. He graduated from Appalachian State where he earned a BSBA and later obtained a MBA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

"My first participation with a roundtable was in the turbulent economic times of the early 1990ís. I believe our involvement in a roundtable at that time helped us to not only survive that difficult period but also helped provide the groundwork for improved profitability in the recovery that followed. That experience is one of the reasons I am committed to bringing this type of support to business owners and managers today."

-- Mike Poteat - Facilitator, AART         If you would like to contact Mike ... click HERE.

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