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Jim Enter

Skip Corn

Jim Enter, AART Founder, has twenty plus years experience in management and fifteen years experience as a management consultant. in the building material industry. Working for a multi-location company gave him the opportunity to work in sales, operations, and corporate management. As a consultant he has had the opportunity to work with businesses from 2 million to 90 million in sales.

If you would like to contact Jim ... click HERE.

Skip Corn has over 25 years of "hands-on" operational and management experience with Spartan Foods, owner and operator of 750 Hardee’s restaurants, PGA TOUR and The Tournament Players Clubs Network.

He currently owns his own consulting firm working with clients from many different business arenas. He is a graduate of Wofford College and served on the Spartanburg County Council for eight years and chaired the Economic Development Committee for four years. He has conducted customer service seminars for the Plotkin Group nationwide along with leadership and team building workshops.

If you would like to contact Jim ... click HERE.

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