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Recent Meeting Topics


WHAT IF there existed a group of ten to twelve non-competing companies with whom you could openly and candidly discuss “best practices”.

Practices such as:
  • Most effective employee pay plans;
  • What employee productivity rates to expect;
  • Most effective sales and marketing plans;
  • How to compensate salespeople;
  • How to control overhead expenses;
  • How to measure and reward employees;
  • How to increase margins.

    WHAT IF the owner of each “best practice” shared with you how to implement the practice in your business? And WHAT IF all of this was done in a non-judgmental supportive fashion? What would happen to your sales? Your profits? Your attitude?

    As business owners and managers you have opportunities for information exchange but you lack the environment to sit down with a group of like-minded, non-competing business owners to REALLY dig into the issues impacting your business. Such groups do exist. They are “EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP ROUNDTABLES” facilitated by business experts in association with The American Association of Roundtables.

    The American Association of Roundtables members
  • Develop real solutions to everyday issues;
  • Exchange ideas on practices that work and don't work;
  • Produce results not theory.

  • At the American Association of Roundtables we are committed to bringing together like minded, non-competing owners and managers to develop practical, measurable results for each and every member of the roundtable.

    Recent Meeting Topics
  • Year to Date Action Plan Update
  • 3 best margin improvement ideas
  • 3 best expense reduction ideas
  • Toured and critiqued "Host" location
  • Most and least profitable ideas
  • Sales compensation comparisons

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