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"It became evident to me that we were not going to survive in todayís competitive environment without major changes taking place - we were working hard, but not smart. As a result of my roundtable experiences I was able to not only identify aspects of our business that needed help, but also saw others employing better practices. We have been able to set new attainable goals and move our business to better profitability. I am convinced that without the Roundtable program we might not be in business today."
--J P, Owner
Lawrenceburg, TN

"In my 47 year career in business, one of the key management strategies I employed was active participation in numerous management roundtables. I was fortunate to participate in several different types of roundtables run by American Association of Roundtables for a number of years and benefited greatly from those experiences. These roundtables are a source of numerous ideas that will improve your sales, margins and profits. During one meeting I got an idea that paid for my membership for years. I highly recommend American Association of Roundtables Executive Leadership Roundtables for any business in the United States."
--J D, Owner
Hutchinson, KS

"I am happy to share thoughts on roundtables. I am involved in two, the exchange of information has been invaluable. Without fail, I have come out of every meeting with at least two new ideas that can be implemented in our company. Obviously I am a believer in roundtables."
--D A, President
Whitley City, KY

"The reason I feel these roundtables are so valuable is that in each and every meeting you can come out with an idea or process that will save you MONEY! Itís a small investment to save money."
--D O, Owner
Valders WI

"I really believe that the value of the round table meetings is immeasurable. I must admit being a little skeptical the first time, but after attending one all I could say was what took me so long to join? I can tell you that the meetings have paid for themselves in tips and ideas I took back home and implemented."
--T G, Manager
Pittsburgh, PA

"Our ongoing involvement in a roundtable has been the single most effective effort we have ever undertaken to promote the continuing evolution to "best practices" and improved profitability in our company. If we had to select one single survival and improvement tool, this would be it."
--R M, Owner
Hilton Head, SC
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