Monday, June 17, 2024
A True Roundtable Is Like A Board Of Mentors
"where everyone has your best interest at heart!"
For the most part INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNERS are out there by themselves.
They have;
No one to bounce ideas off,
No one to share their fears,
No one to just to listen to their concerns.

Roundtable Groups fill that void. A typical roundtable group consists of 9 – 11 owners and top level managers from non-competing companies within the same industry. They regard one another as trusted members and candidly discuss industry and individual issues. Each roundtable group sets its own agenda: your group will discuss topics you care about. The list of THINGS THAT KEEP YOU UP AT NIGHT will get a lot shorter when you join a Roundtable Group of your peers.

Roundtable members learn how to:
  • Increase Sales
  • Reduce Expenses
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Improve Bottom Line
  • Improve Return On Assets

  • The American Association of Roundtables (AART) has become a true leader in the development and facilitation of industry roundtables. Currently with 26 groups, with over 200 members in 20 states.

    All of AART’s roundtable groups are facilitated by industry experts, with decades of hands-on experience. Click HERE to learn About Us!

    “At the American Association of Roundtables we are committed to helping like minded owners and managers develop practical, measurable results for their company.” --- Jim Enter – Founder of AART

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